Jeff Caplan • Photographer

   Jeff Caplan • Photographer

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Black Ant • photographic is the working studio and gallery of photographer Jeff Caplan. 

Jeff has been creating compelling images with his camera for over 25 years. Born and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts his early work was often against the backdrop of the historic Mill City.

In the early 90’s Jeff further developed his photographic skill set by delving in to advanced black & white printing techniques and alternative processes through the fine art photography program at The Art Institute of Boston.

Eternally inspired by Lowell’s native son Jack Kerouac, 
Jeff set out on numerous cross country road trips trying to capture a visual record of books like The Dharma Bums, The Subterraneans and of course On the Road. Even though the time period was the mid 1990’s the images appear to be snapped from an earlier day. The subject matter of that work ranged from kitsch, americana, roadside oddities and various studies of the unlimited offerings of beauty that can be seen when traveling across the United States.

Once a resident of Los Angeles, CA as well as Portland, ME, Jeff has returned to the Merrimack river and the brick and mortar of Lowell, Massachusetts. He brings with him a diverse collection of experiences and images from west to east coasts and a renewed passion for the landscape of his youth. Jeff lives and works in a digital world, but is of a traditionalist at heart. Still shooting and developing his own film and staying involved with a local darkroom collective.

His work has been seen at Uncharted Gallery, Lowell, MA in 2015, The Loading Dock Gallery at Western Avenue Studios, Lowell, MA in 2014, The Brush Gallery, Lowell, MA in 2013 and Merrimack College, North Andover MA, in 2001

Jeff is: a friendly music fanatic. Certified pop cultureaholic. 
Freelance beer evangelist. Wannabe troublemaker. Friend of animals everywhere. (especially a dog that goes by the name of Mr. Hooper)

Jeff Caplan

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